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There’s a good reason why Genesis® bows have helped get over 11 million young people excited about archery. They’re designed better from the beginning to help youth of all ages, sizes and strength levels pick up our bows and shoot easily and comfortably.

Genesis GenX

New Gen-X. Our most powerful bow ever.

Powerful enough for hunting, simple enough for anyone to use. The Gen-X™ bow helps take your archery up a notch. The new Gen-X single cam allows up to 40 lbs of draw weight to add velocity to your shot. Available as a stand-alone bow or in a kit with a fiber-optic sight, whisker biscuit rest and detachable quiver with 4 carbon arrows. Check out Gen-X.

Genesis GenX

At Genesis, we're helping kids set their sights higher – in archery and in life. Watch now.

Lost Camo
Zebra Bowstrings