Dodge County Bullseye Archery Team

Growing a Team
Over eight years ago the athletic director at the Dodge County Middle School, Tony Taylor, founded the Dodge County Bullseye Archery team. It started as a middle school team only, but that soon changed when two years later a high school team was put in place.
“The middle school archers trying out can range from 30 to 50 kids,” said Elaine Pittman.
In its growth, the team has competed at Worlds three times, twice as a team and once as individuals. They have qualified multiple other times, but the funds weren’t there to send the team to the National Archery In the Schools Program (NASP®) World Tournament. Two archers, Morgan G. and Brooke N., have both placed in the top 10 at previous NASP® World tournaments.
One Happy Family
Two of the biggest things that Pittman stresses are teamwork and the importance of helping each other through the sport of archery. The team has become extremely close through the years. Two members of the Bullseye team have diseases that may slow them down from time to time. Whenever they, or anyone else close to the team is going through hardship, we pause practice to pray.

“Watching them take time to pray for other people on their team shows how much they truly care for one another,” Pittman said.
When Morgan qualified to shoot for Team USA at Worlds All Stars, the team came together to help fundraise his trip by selling funnel cakes and pork sandwiches, bagging groceries, washing cars and selling raffle tickets.
The Dodge County Archery Team looks forward to the upcoming season as well as all the returning archers and new recruits.

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