Featured Coach – Rebecca Dickens


Affiliation – Is he/she affiliated with…


Team – What team does he/she coach?
Dixon Elementary School
Irvington, Al


Duration – How long has he/she held this position?
Four years


Background – What is his/her archery background?
Coach Dickens was certified about 10 years ago. She started coaching assisting with the high school where her kids attended.


Influence – How has he/she influenced the core values and missions of the team?
Rebecca is the one that picks up the kids for tournaments that don’t have rides. She pays for their team shirts if they can’t afford it. They stay at her house after practice until mom gets home.


Contributions – What contributions has he/she made to the archery community?
Rebecca has a target at her house and anyone is welcome to come shoot. Some of the middle and high school come by after school to practice at her house. She has repainted a bow and donated it to a local policeman to give to a child in need. She repairs bows and arrows for anyone who asks. She runs the concession stand for our team’s tournament.


Challenges – As a coach, how does he/she help archers overcome challenges?
We had an archer with a vision problem. Rebecca worked with her day after day to find out what she could do to help her have success. She decided to put a patch on her bad eye and focus her aiming spot on her good eye. She even had the mom get patches with different designs to show her personality.


Success – How does he/she define success to the team?
Success to Rebecca is having passion for archery. To enjoy shooting and being with your friends enjoying what you are doing.


Describe – In three words, how would you describe him/her?
Selfless, compassionate, caring

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